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Utilization of AI & BOTS

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The medical billing industry is continually experiencing challenges and limitations, such as finding and retaining competent employees, properly managing accounts receivable, maintaining appropriate margins, and staying on top of rule changes and technology.

Your medical billing should not stress you out

Get paid faster

Get paid faster

4D Global's operational procedures and dedicated resources ensure prompt payments

Create efficiencies

Create efficiencies

Through streamline processes and use of technology (AI and BOTS) you will experience an increase in productivity and workflow

Increase Profitability

Increase Profitability

By decreasing AR days and denials, controlling costs, and utilization of technology your margins with increase

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Transform Your Business with 4D Global Analytics

Analytics play a crucial role at 4D Global. 4D is responsible for managing the financial aspects of the healthcare revenue cycle, insurance verification, coding, billing, and collections. By utilizing analytics, 4D & its clients gain valuable insights and improve their processes, decision-making, and overall performance. 

Collaborative Partnerships

Billing Companies

Billing Companies

Maximize your financial health with 4D Global’s Chennai-based expertise in medical billing so you can right-size the workload of your in-house medical billing team.

Software Companies

Software Companies

Increase the profitability of your software company by faster claims processing, fewer rejections, higher reimbursements, and, subsequently, a reduction in your outstanding A/R days.

Medical Groups

Medical Groups

US-based billing staffing constraints are a distraction for you. Simultaneously focus on patient care and improve your revenue cycle. With 4D Global, you can confirm claims are worked properly, reduce your A/R, decrease your denials and increase your cash flow while you sleep.

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Deepesh Rana

Executive Vice President & Head of Operations

Deepesh is an accomplished executive with 22+ years of experience in operations management. He has a proven track record of driving operational efficiency, optimizing processes, and delivering results. As an Executive Vice President and Head of Operations, Deepesh is responsible for overseeing a range of functions critical to our company’s success, including HR, finance, IT, and facilities management. He oversees all aspects of our company’s operations, logistics & administration.

Deepesh is a strong advocate for customer service and employee engagement and is committed to creating a positive workplace culture that fosters collaboration and innovation. He is dedicated to delivering exceptional results and is passionate about helping 4D achieve its full potential. Prior to joining 4D, he held senior operations roles where he successfully implemented operational improvements that increased efficiency and reduced costs.

Hobby & Interest: Deepesh is an avid traveler and loves exploring new destinations across the world. He has a young family & prefers spending quality time with his daughter, wife, and mother.

Randy Farwell

Senior Vice President of Business Development and Marketing

Randy has 25 years of experience in the Healthcare Industry as a team builder, team leader, and national sales manager. He is passionate, dynamic, creative, and innovative. He has a successful career in the Healthcare Industry by maximizing business performance through a foundation of strategy, analytics, as well as people and culture development. Demonstrated success driving multi-million-dollar sales growth, developing, and building company infrastructures, building sales and business development teams, and executing sales strategies. He is known for strategy development and execution and has broad cross-functional experience in sales management and sales operations.

Randy will be leading our sales, business development, and marketing teams. He will be developing, implementing, and executing our sales, marketing, and growth strategies. He is dedicated to building leaders and helping others to achieve success. He will be creating new business opportunities and strategic partnerships for 4D Global Inc.

Hobbies and Interests: Randy enjoys exercising, lifting weights, golfing, pickleball, and spending time with family and friends.

Chanie Gluck

Founder & CEO

Chanie Gluck is a successful entrepreneur and seasoned veteran of the medical billing business. She launched 4D Global, Inc. after selling her Medical Billing Company – 4D Medical, which she owned and operated for 13 years. Chanie began her medical billing career in 1994 working in the billing department of a multi-specialty medical center.

Chanie is a visionary entrepreneur with 28+ years of experience in the medical billing industry. She has a passion for making healthcare effective and efficient through outsourcing capabilities. Under Chanie’s leadership, 4D Global has grown from a startup to a fast-growing company Inc 5000 company and a leader in the medical billing market. As the Founder and CEO of 4D Global, Chanie is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the organization and driving growth and success.

She is deeply committed to 4D’s mission and values and is dedicated to delivering exceptional results for our customers and stakeholders. She hosts two podcasts’ Leaders In Medical Billing and Growing Global .  Chanie’s entrepreneurial journey includes being recognized as one of the top CEO’s & She is also actively involved in corporate social responsibility initiatives and is committed to making a positive impact on the world.

Check out her website at

Hobby & Interest:  Yoga, cycle classes, art – painting, reading, lifetime learner, world traveler and enjoys spending time with her husband and four children.