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The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has been actively trying to strengthen their online presence on the topic of HIPAA Administrative Simplification over the last few months. A few months earlier, CMS successfully launched a new website, which was entirely dedicated for Administrative Simplification. The website launched by CMS contains information on covered entities, a FAQ page, and several educational materials on electronic business transaction standards.

CMS recently made a few more additions to the website with the sole purpose of improving the understanding of the least-known provision of HIPAA, which is Administrative Simplification. The most recent additions by CMS include an infographic and a fact sheet. Officials from the agency hope that these materials will help them to provide better education to providers on the Administrative Simplification issue. In addition to that, they also believe that the new additions will also highlight the resources offered by CMS to providers.

Reports indicate that CMS had requested feedback directly from the HBMA Government Relations Committee to get an idea on how to structure the documents and what should be included on the website. HBMA was highly pleased with many of the CMS recommendations that were adapted in the last version of the documents.

Reports from several reliable sources claim that the recent collaboration between CMS and HBMA will further strengthen the relationship between both the parties. Officials from HBMA have also made it clear that they will continue to look for opportunities to work with CMS on similar kinds of educational materials.

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Fact Sheet And Infographic

CMS also stated that the FAQ page in their website would offer a detailed explanation of the three-pronged approach to Administrative Simplification such as unique identifiers, code sets, and electronic transactions. CMS also informed that the fact sheet would explain how the Administrative Simplification standards would streamline everyday tasks like sending and receiving payment, verifying patient eligibility, and medical billing.

The standards set by CMS will be applicable to entities who electronically exchange health care information including clearinghouses, healthcare providers, and health plans. The new fact sheet will also cover enforcement of standards, types of standards, and benefits of administrative simplification. The agency has also reminded the providers that they can use these standards to quickly receive payments, streamline process, check claim status, and obtain timely information.

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