In our Mastermind Meetings this quarter we are focusing on People. We have chosen to read the book “Who” by Geoff Smart and Randy Street.

I have been reading a lot of business books lately. Some good, some are okay and some are really great. This one is one of those books that will change the way you hire and select A players on your team using a simple method with specific questions that you ask every candidate. Below is a brief summary of the process:

1) Screening Interview – this is the phone interview
a) What are your career goals?
b) What are you really good at professionally?
c) What are you not good at or not interested in doing professionally?
d) Who were your last 5 bosses and how will they each rate your performance on a scale from 1-10 when we talk to them?

2) Who Interview – walk through the candidates career asking 5 questions for each job or chapter in the persons work history
a) What were you hired to do?
b) What accomplishments are you the most proud of?
c) Who were the people you worked with?
d) Why did you leave?

3) Focused Interview – Involving others in the hiring process by assigning team members to conduct interviews that focus on the outcomes and/or competencies of the scorecard

4) Candidate Discussion – After you interview each candidate grade the scorecard using the skill-will framework. Advance those whose skill and will match the mission, outcomes and competencies on the scorecard.

5) Reference Interview – conduct 7 reference calls with people you choose from the Who interview. Ask the candidate to schedule these calls for you!

We have created Scorecards for each position and outlined the core competencies required for each position. Following this method has really helped us to find the right people.

If you have read the Who book or have a hiring process that works for you, please share your comments. We would love to hear from you!

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