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A massive data breach was uncovered by the Arizona health system Banner Health recently. Officials believe that the cyber attackers were trying to target the computer systems at Banner Health locations, which process payment data card at their food and beverage outlets. This breach compromised the personal information and health details of many American citizens, before authorities could intervene and prevent further loss.

Banner Health initially assumed that the cyber attack targeted only the cardholder information and payment data. However, it was later revealed that there were chances for patient data breach too. They also admitted that the cyber attackers were able to access beneficiary information, patient information, health plan member, and information about healthcare providers and physicians.

Banner has decided to contact approximately 3.7 million individuals regarding the health privacy breach, and has also contacted the law enforcement to hire a forensics firm and investigate about the breach. In addition to this, Banner Health also offered free monitoring services for one year to the affected individuals.

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The details about the list of outlets, which were affected by the breach, can be found at the official site of Banner Health. However, the investigation conducted by the health system revealed that credit card payments made by individuals for the medical services were not affected by the cyber attack.

An Arizona physician has already filed a class-action lawsuit after the events of this cyber attack. Moreover, reports suggest that more than two health firms are also planning to file lawsuits for the same. According to the Federal law, institutions are liable to report medical breaches, which involve more than 500 individuals.

Healthcare firms reported more than 58 medical breaches since 2010. This incident, which happened at Arizona health system Banner Health, is one of the most drastic medical breaches in the past five years.

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