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Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D prescription drug plan programs managers are taking steps to ensure the programs stay the same for the next year as well. The 2018 Advance Notice packet for the programs issued by the managers appears roughly like the Medicare program advance notice packets that were posted earlier. There have been numerous predictions by the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services regarding the proposed program changes.

Accordingly, the proposal will aid in increasing the issuer’s 2018 revenue by an average value of 0.25 percent; although, it is slightly lower than the estimated increase of 1.35 percent in the advance notice specified for coverage in 2017. Issuers have even persuaded CMS for adjustments on the Medicare program in the past. These included the terms on the program terms that are between the time advance notice was released and the time when the bidding began.

As a part of the Part C Medicare Advantage program, the insurers are offered the opportunity in selling the health plans, which will serve as a viable alternative to the traditional Medicare coverage. The insurers can also sell subsidized drug coverage to Medicare program enrollees through the Part D prescription drug plan program.

It is estimated that the Medicare Advantage coverage extends to approximately 19 million residents in the US. However, the part D has much higher coverage, with around 41 million US residents.

Under the Trump Administration, the new advance notice packet will produce the plan menus for the first Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D plan annual enrollment periods. President Trump has also named a new successor Seema Verma, an Indiana Medicaid and Affordable Care Act program designer, to lead CMS.

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Advance Notice Packet

Patrick Conway, current acting CMS administrator issued a statement along with the press release announcing the 2018 advance notice. “Medicare Advantage is an essential, growing part of the Medicare program. The proposals in the advance notice will continue to keep Medicare Advantage strong and stable and provide high quality, affordable care to seniors and people living with disabilities,” he said.

In the previous year, Andy Slavitt, President Obama’s acting CMS administrator issued the press release announcing the 2017 advance notice. There have been many debates by CMS regarding the handling of bidding requirements for carries offering Medicare Advantage plans for employers and unions.

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