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Arizona CHIP Program

CMS recently announced that they have approved the plans of Arizona to allow new enrollment in the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Enrollment for the plan was put on hold for many years, but with the proposed changes, all the states in the US would now provide CHIP coverage to the eligible children.

“Today’s approval is a step forward for the health of Arizona children in low-income families. With Arizona’s decision, all states in the nation now provide CHIP coverage to any eligible child who applies,” said Vikki Wachino, CMS Deputy Administrator and Director of the Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services.

“More children in Arizona will have access to coverage early in their lives, which helps kids grow into healthy adults and provides parents with the peace of mind that comes from their children having affordable coverage,” Wachino added.

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CHIP initiative aims to improve the health of children, thereby giving them a better chance of succeeding in school and studies. Studies on CHIP and Medicaid programs show that the gains from the plans are long lasting, and children under the coverage experience better health, good educational achievements, and more earnings as adults.

The state of Arizona ended the existing enrollment freeze last week, and has started accepting new applications for the CHIP program. It is reported that children who are eligible for coverage under the scheme will be able to access services from September onward. Experts believe that around 40,000 children will become eligible for the insurance coverage in the state of Arizona.

The CHIP initiative covers many health benefits for children like dental care, which are mostly out of reach by families that are not in a situation to afford other health coverage plans. This is particularly true for children with special healthcare needs, as the program covers many areas like physical, occupational, language, and speech therapy.

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