Employees and most human beings fear the unknown.  When an employer announces that they are outsourcing any kind of work employees get nervous and worry that their job is in jeopardy.  I have studied this process extensively and have facilitated the movement of many medical billing tasks offshore successfully.  I have listed some of the tactics that I have used to achieve a successful  transition.

  1. You are supplying them with an assistant.  One of the most common reasons for outsourcing work, is having more work than the current staff can handle.  To alleviate the pressure you tell your team that you are providing them with help – an assistant.  Since it is too expensive to hire someone in-house, the assistant will be offshore.
  2. Make the employee feel valued tell the employee how valuable they are to your organization.  Explain how vital their role is in this process and to the success of the relationship.  Put the employee in charge of training and the go-to contact person to your offshore team.
  3. Give the employee a manager title.  By having a new title and considering themselves as part of the management team; the result will be increased responsibilities which will help advance their career.
  4. Explain the path to advancement.  A U.S. employee that is comfortable doing data entry task will not be able to earn more money in years to come simply because technology is taking over and this task can be done much cheaper in other countries.  There is realistically no room to advance from that position.  The value in a medical billing employee is simply their ability to collect payments from insurance companies and patients as well as their ability to work with clients – providers and their staff.  For a U.S. employee that is working in the accounts receivable department having an outsourcing partner/virtual assistant will allow the employee to be a lot more productive and increase their percentage of collections.

4D Global is available to assist in all your medical billing outsourcing needs and will assist in a smooth transition and work flow.

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