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Surprising Medical Bills

The legislative session on the final day passed a proposed bill that was intended to safeguard consumers from ‘surprise’ medical bills from the healthcare providers out of their insurer’s network. The Florida House agreed about the passing of the bill with a Senate change shortly before it was dispersed. The result was welcomed by the Jeff Atwater, Florida’s Chief Financial Officer.

According to Atwater, “the legislature was tasked with striking a finely-tuned and balanced solution to a multifaceted problem. While all sides of this health care community presented valid perspectives and strong opinions throughout the legislative process, I’m pleased that our legislative leaders kept consumers at the forefront of this conversation, ultimately removing them from this complex billing equation.”

Meanwhile, the Senate decided to abandon an amendment that was previously passed. Nevertheless, it added a new one compensating the old one. The new one makes it obligatory for the insurers to bear certain costs that come under the Down syndrome. The same amendment however was returned to the house shortly before its dispersal.

In fact, the Florida House had adopted a motion in order to reject a Senate amendment. As part of the decision, Senate decided to agree upon the bill just before the dispersal, at about 3:45 p.m.

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Legislation On Medical Bills

Meanwhile, Laura Brennaman, policy and research director for Florida CHAIN (Community Health Action Information Network) said that the consumers will take advantage of the bill if the Senate goes ahead with the bill and passes it clean.

The Florida legislation session intended to bring about progressive changes in existing systems. According to the reports, the legislation tried to protect the customers from the shock that sometimes their medical bills can cause. Prior to the legislation session, Florida Senators and Representatives appeared for a voting session. In that, they voiced in favor of protecting customers against any types of surprise medical bills.

However, it appears that the bill could cause negative results at the present moment, if unless the lawmakers pass HB 221 a priority. Hence, the groups are pressing upon the customers to influence their legislators. A representative from one of the consumer unions said that they wanted to ensure that the state lawmakers heard their demands and made legislations in their favor.

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