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Data Sharing App Challenge

ONC recently announced the Phase 1 winners of their Consumer Health Data Aggregator challenge. The objective of the app challenge was to make it easier for both patients and providers to access and share health care data.

Applicants were assigned with the task to develop apps that are capable of more robust data sharing methods using open application programming interfaces and HL7’s Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources requirements. The challenge was focused on the ability of consumers to easily access their health data from different providers on different health IT systems. The four winners of Phase 1 will be rewarded with an amount of $15,000 each.

The platform developed by Green Circle Health, which offers a dashpot to cover the full Common Clinical Data Set, and uses FHIR to transfer patient information, was the first announced winner. The app by Green Circle Health also permits the integration of patient related health data from other wellness devices.

HealthCentrix’s Prevvy Family Health Assistant app was the second name in the list, which allows managing health and wellness record of the entire family by using both FHIR and direct messaging with EHRs.

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The third name in the winners list was Medyear’s app, which allows multiple patient records to be merged into a simple interface. Medyear’s app uses a ‘social media-like newsfeed’ to enable real time EHR updates as well. Another advantage of the app is that you can send messages to the providers in an easy and simple manner.

The Locket app created by the Metrostar systems is the last name in the Phase 1 winners list, which collects data from different EHRs together into a single place, enabling appointment scheduling and check-in services simpler.

The Phase 1 winners of the Provider User Experience Challenge also won $15,000 each; this challenge was aimed to improve a healthcare provider’s experience with EHRs and develop more simpler and acute workflow. Herald Health, PHRASE Health, WellSheet, and a collaboration of University of Utah Health Care, Intermountain Healthcare, and Duke Health System, were the winners in this category.

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