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The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has now announced that they will offer fifty three million dollars in funding to forty-four states, four tribes, and Columbia District in the country. This fund is to be used against opioid addiction. Experts say that the funding will help to pay for advanced data collection and analysis on misuse of opioid products and overdose. The fund will also be used to improve access to opioid misuse disorder treatments to decrease death tolls and support prevention methods.

“The epidemic of opioid use disorders involving the non-medical use of prescription opioid pain relievers and the use of heroin has had a devastating impact on individuals, families and communities across our nation,” Kana Enomoto, Principal Deputy Administrator for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, said in a statement.

The funding announced now is a part of the HHS Opioid Initiative that was introduced in the March 2015. The initiative focused on making the opioid prescribing practices better and provide increased access to medication aided treatment. Increasing the use of Naxolene to reverse the effects of opioid overdoses is also one of the areas of focus of the initiative.

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Reports say that the efforts will be controlled and led by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and SAMSHA. “States are on the frontline of preventing prescription opioid overdoses,” CDC Director, Tom Frieden said. “It is critical that state health departments have the support they need to combat the epidemic.”

The initiative aims on evidence-based strategies that can be used best against opioid abuse crisis. However, additional funding will be required to make sure that each and every American citizen, who wishes to undergo treatment for opioid abuse, will have access to the program. Under the budget proposal of the President for the fiscal year 2017, states would be eligible for a fund up to 920 million dollars over 2 years, which should be used to increase access to treatment.

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