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Mobile charge capture technology is an innovative and effective technical advancement in the field of medical science. By adopting an effective mobile charging application, you can eliminate many major issues such as inaccurate billing data, payment delays, information entry errors, and even lost charges. Many doctors and medical firms use this technology all over the world and claim that charge capture helped them to improve the care provided to their patients, as well as led to lower billing administration costs and increased revenue.

Most of the medical practitioners find it hard to get enough time to write the diagnosis codes and related information regarding patients delivered to the billing consultants. However, with mobile charge capture application, practitioners can now follow the patients through their smartphones and deliver the daily logs to the billing staffs with ease. Here are the top 5 charge capturing billing applications for physicians, which help you make the entire medical billing process simple and easy.

pMD Charge Capture

pMD Charge Capture is an exceptional mobile application, which enables doctors to record information on their smartphone anytime, anywhere. Practitioners can easily record minute clinical information and billing details on their smartphone by using pMD Charge Capture. This helps them to keep track on their patients and provide better care to them.

Besides that, a provider can select the customized diagnosis code in a fast and simple way by using the advanced search option in the application. Access to rounding lists, room numbers, face sheets, and many more, is quite easy with the real time interface enabled in pMD Charge Capture.

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PatientKeeper Charge Capture

PatientKeeper Charge Capture can be used on any devices such as tablets, PCs and smartphones, and the presence of automated revenue assurance capability is one of the most highlighting features of this application. Doctors can use either professional billing workflow or ambulatory technical billing workflow in this application for instant, accurate, and detailed capturing of charges.

The PatientKeeper Charge Capture application also checks for common coding errors and allows physicians to communicate with the billing staff either through charge comments or by messaging, to report the same.

MD Coder

MD Coder application allows an accurate and fast charge capture than any other charge capturing applications. Experts say that MD Coder reduces claim denials, increase revenues, avoid unnecessary billing costs, and even eliminates the chances of a CMS or OIG audit.

The MD Coder application also guarantees that no charges are lost or missed. Doctors can capture charges with 5 simple clicks, and check the entire database of patients within the app. Added benefits of this software include flexible web based reports, secure text messaging, automated capture of PQRS codes, etc.

SwiftPay MD

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SwiftPay MD is another efficient and high-security charge capture application, which benefits healthcare providers in a lot of ways. This app enables doctors to easily create the information of patients by a single snap from their camera. Besides that, the voice to text technology enabled in the application saves you a great deal of time used for typing the data manually.

The insurance data can also be caught easily using your data and you can send the details to the back office in a matter of few steps. Furthermore, the advanced search engine makes it easy to find the required codes.


This mobile application allows you to record analysis, update billing, and check the schedule and charts of patients; helping you run your practice from anywhere. This app is of great use for doctors working in multiple locations and those with multiple hospital rounds.

The NueMD application allows you to use voice notes, pictures, and documents to update patient information. The diagnosis history and all other information regarding the patient can easily be shared and recorded through this app. The changes in appointment schedules can be seen through this app and you can also create charges.

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