According to a survey from the Alternative Board, 49% of small business owners work 50+ hours a week. It is easy for your identity to become your business, but you cannot neglect yourself. Honor your personal obligations and manage your energy with as much dedication as you give to your business. The power of delegation, utilizing your calendar, and being comfortable with saying no will give you the capacity to free up the time to focus on what is important to you. 

Delegation is one of the most important skills an entrepreneur can master. Your time dedicated to your business should be focused on the big picture things while your staff handle daily tasks. Choose an employee who has the proper skills to accomplish the goal and be their guide, not only does this take the stress off your shoulders, it shows your employees that you trust them and will boost their confidence along the way. When the project is over, use the opportunity to ask for feedback from your employee. Did you actually allow them to complete the task on their own? Did you provide sufficient guidance? What can you do differently next time? There is a direct relationship between the size of your business and the amount of free time you have available unless you can delegate appropriately. 

Are you really making the most out of every hour of the day? Good calendar habits will keep you focused and productive at work while blocking off space for your personal life as well. Step one, which may seem simple, but consolidate to one calendar. Whether it is an agenda or online, keep all of your appointments in one area to avoid confusion or possibly overbooking yourself. Block off your personal time on your calendar! If you are using it to manage your time appropriately at work, it can also help you set aside the time for activities will recharge your battery. An effective leader who trains their staff to avoid burnout should practice what they preach. 

As an entrepreneur, it is easy to get in the habit of saying yes to everything. In return, it can lead to a bad habit of being overworked and chasing shiny objects that do not align with your business goals. Re-frame the way you think about saying no, you are protecting your time and your business. Create criteria to use when deciding whether or not a project you are approached with is actually worth your time. The bottom line is you deserve free time and should feel empowered to choose where your time is spent. 

Having a hard time trying to balance work and life? Let’s connect and see how 4D Global can help you in achieving your business goals while giving you the time to focus on your needs.

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