We are often asked the question by our clients that are thinking about outsourcing medical billing “Do we need to notify our clients that we are using an offshore vendor?” At 4D Global the data is never housed or stored on offshore servers.  We have dual monitors and access our clients information on one screen and enter it from another screen.  The security measures and protocols we implement to ensure HIPAA compliance prevent the transfer or movement of any protected data out of the U.S.

Typically, medical billing companies have contractual provisions whereby the medical providers authorize the billing services to be performed by employees, agents, contractors, and subcontractors of the billing company, which includes the authority to perform certain billing services offshore. These contractual provisions are now standard given the industry shift toward offshore services, and the desire of medical billing companies to have the offshore option open. If the provider has not consented in advance to the biller employing offshore talent, my opinion is that the biller would be required to inform the provider and obtain that consent.

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