Medical Billing Companies
Patient Demographics Entry

As a medical billing company you understand that every piece of information in the patient demographic form is essential for claim payment. Accurate entry of these details greatly affects the revenue and reimbursement of the practitioner and the medical billing company. An error free patient demographic entry offers accurate data for claim submission. Updating as much data as possible, without any errors, will also improve the reliance of the insurance company on the medical billing company.

It was never so easy to record and manage the vast amount of data associated to healthcare. Well-trained medical billing professionals can get these claims sent to the payers much faster by working during the U.S. nighttime.  The data entry process is performed with maximum accuracy to ensure that the claims are not rejected. This is why, outsourcing medical billing ensures better accuracy and lower costs for medical billing companies.

Healthcare centers and physician’s offices provide information in the form of client file, patient demographic file, and charge ticket/sheet. Expert medical billing technicians capture the complete details and charges making use of various billing software. As per the requirements of medical billing companies or healthcare facilities, these experts also do multispecialty charge entry, file secondary insurance, and offer follow up on the various unpaid and denied claims.

Patient Eligibility Verification

Medical Billing Outsourcing
Patient Eligibility Verification

Patient eligibility verification is more important than ever before, particularly because of the changes in healthcare and insurance. We at 4D Global offer comprehensive patient eligibility verification services to ensure that the medical billing companies and healthcare providers stick to plan-specific benefits information. Verifying the insurance eligibility of the patients in advance will help medical billing companies optimize their reimbursements in a much better way.

By outsourcing medical coding and billing work to experts at 4D Global, you can be sure that the information provided on the insurance identity card is correct and up to date. Besides that, we also verify the coverage of the patient under the health plan, and find out if the physician or medical billing company should collect co-insurance, co-payment, or deductibles at the point of service.

Our professional medical billers check if any authorization for procedures and coverage for specific procedures are needed, and verify the benefits as well as all the other out-of-pocket costs for medical billing companies. This will help the patients know what is due, even before making the visit.

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