When considering what productivity actually is or by looking at its actual definition, there are two things that spring to mind in quick succession. First, the efficiency of any business can be measured by the rate of output per unit of input, and second, the defining factor of the input is people.

Since the pandemic has started, business productivity across the US has slowed, which is no surprise at all given everything that has been happening in the country and around the world. With so many people trading the office for remote working due to the harmful effects of the novel Coronavirus, the dip in the economy seems rather justified when taking into account the work productivity of people, their spending power, and their needs.

Several reports have already shown that Americans are struggling to maintain focus while working from home, with various reasons behind this. These reasons include poor prioritization due to inadequate time management skills, feelings of isolation and loneliness due to lack of human interaction, communication issues due to lack of tech support from their companies, and lack of self-motivation, to name a few.

This drop in productivity has obviously impacted the overall business performance of companies. A quick glance at the stock market tells us how volatile the economy has become, with industries such as airlines, hospitality, events, agriculture, transportation, manufacturing, and even charities being heavily affected by the hit to the economy.

However, despite the fact that business productivity has plummeted worldwide, there are a few instances in which employees have actually started to perform better, finish their assigned work faster, and become more accurate in their tasks. Such an example is our team based in India, a country where all factories, schools, and transportation services have been closed, with the Government announcing a $22.6bn stimulus package in order to aid those in need. 

Fortunately, for our skilled workforce in India, productivity hasn’t decreased but is actually at the highest level since the pandemic has started. Saving plenty of time that was spent on commuting and being free of distractions in the comfort of their personal home working space are just two of the factors that have driven work efficiency up. 

Prioritizing employees’ wellbeing became imperative for us as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic began unfolding. Showing support and care as a company is bound to result in higher engagement and our teams have reacted positively in these circumstances, doing that extra bit in order to ensure that productivity is not impacted. 

In the general uncertain situation worldwide, a lot of businesses across India are struggling to maintain stability and to pay their employees, but the people on our 4D Global team are more ambitious and work hard to maintain their jobs in order to pay their rent and put food on the table. So, as a company, we are doing everything in our power to offer good care to our workforce, prioritizing their needs in order to keep the business rolling and, subsequently, all our clients happy.

Our staff is fully proficient in the most popular practice management and electronic medical records systems, which helps us easily become an extension of your team. We make things simple with our fast and simple transition process. We are at your disposal 24/7 so follow this link to easily request a free service trial or a free 1-1 Strategy Session right now.

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