Medical Billing Service Companies

Members of the Healthcare Billing and Management Association (HBMA) recently visited senior CMS staff and chief health policy makers in Congress. The meeting gave HBMA members a chance to discuss about the improvements needed in the daily functioning of the Medicare program as well as long-term policies affecting it. The meeting also helped HBMA to communicate with the policy makers about successful initiatives, and figure out those that are difficult to handle.

HBMA has an esteemed position in the CMS and among the key healthy policy makers on Capitol Hill. These annual meetings help to create mutual respect and build healthy relationship among the participants. It is the only meeting that CMS holds with representatives of the revenue cycle management industry. It was initiated by HBMA because of its desire to have a Medicare program that functions effectively for the patients, taxpayers, and providers.

Members representing HBMA included President Holly Louie, Past President and GR Committee Chair, Jackie Willett, Past President and Co-Chair, Don Rodden, as well as GR Committee Members Deb Good, Barry Reiter, Dave Nicholson, and Arthur Roosa. All HBMA members will receive a full report of the meeting later this summer.

HBMA Commented on MIPS/APM

Medical Billing Service Companies
Healthcare Reforms

MIPS and APM are two major initiatives of the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) released by CMS, which intends to act in accordance with the MACRA implementation. The Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) is a program that evaluates an eligible professional based on clinical practice improvement, quality, resource use, and Meaningful Use of certified EHR technology, where the Alternative Payment Model (APM) is a project to pay healthcare providers for their services.

HBMA suggested some big changes in Medicare program. Over the past few years, CMS has sought HBMAs comments on various policy implications. Comments provided by the agency have helped CMS in shaping their plans and have reduced the burdens on billing companies and their clients. The HBMA GR Committee has submitted their comments about the new changes to CMS for their consideration.

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