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The presidential election is just a few weeks away and the debates between candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are heating up over the last few months. Both candidates have given an insight on the healthcare strategies they are planning to implement, once elected as the President.

The Current Scenario

Both the chambers of congress are currently under the control of Republicans. Republicans hold a 30-seat advantage in the House of Representatives and this advantage is well enough for them to regain control of this chamber in the next elections.

However, Republicans face great competition in the Senate, where they only hold a current majority of 4 seats. Republicans will have to defend 24 seats out of the total 40, while the Democrats will have to defend only 10. An added disadvantage for the Republicans is that 7 of their defending seats are in those states, where Obama won the election back in 2012.

It will be much easier for Donald Trump to pass his agendas and policies if Republicans gain control in both chambers of congress. However, it is evident that Hillary Clinton, if elected as the President, will face severe objections from the rest of the Congress while putting forward her plans and policies.

Proposals By Trump

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Healthcare Strategies

Republican campaigns have been trying very hard to revoke the Affordable Care Act (ACA) since the implementation of the law back in the year 2010. Donald Trump has also guaranteed that he will fully revoke the ACA once seated as the President. Republican nominee and the House Republican plan have largely favored the embrace of free market principles in the healthcare market.

The healthcare proposal from Trump is almost similar to the broad plan proposed by Republican House leadership in June 2016. Trump’s seven point healthcare plan begins with his plans to entirely revoke the Obamacare. The plan further includes several GOP proposals such as permitting health insurance sales across state lines and allowing American citizens to deduct health insurance premium payments from tax returns. Trump will also let individuals use Health Savings Accounts and provide block-grant Medicaid to the states.

In addition to that, the proposed healthcare plans from Trump will also prevent illegal immigrants from receiving healthcare benefits and reforming mental health programs. In a study, the nonpartisan Center for Health and Economy reported that the healthcare plans from Trump will increase the number of uninsured to approximately 18 million but the premiums will be significantly reduced.

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