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It is evident that both the presidential candidates share different opinions on health care reforms. Where Republican candidate, Donald Trump is planning to revoke the ACA, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is determined to expand the ACA. Here are some of the healthcare proposals put forward by Hillary Clinton. You can read the proposals by Donald Trump at Healthcare Proposal From Presidential Candidates: Part I – What Donald Trump Says

Proposals By Clinton

Clinton’s healthcare proposal is mainly focused on the expansion of the ACA. She is also planning to create a Medicare buy-in program for individuals on or above the age of 55. This proposal has created quite a controversy among congress members, as it will result in an increased Federal spending. However, this program will place the oldest beneficiaries back into the Medicaid program, which in turn stabilizes the health insurance exchanges.

The details on premium pricings or cost sharing for the buy-in were not included in the proposed plan from Clinton. Moreover, the beneficiaries, who are planning to buy-in to Medicare, might lose few benefits from HIEs. If the cost of buy-in were expensive, then lower income individuals above the age of 55 would stay out of this program and continue with their existing HIEs, and the chances for this program to destroy the effectiveness of Exchange 5 stabilization argument seem a lot higher.

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Healthcare Strategies

Clinton is planning to cut down the drug costs by asking pharmaceutical companies to spend more in the areas of research rather than on advertising. She has also suggested reforms in Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) drug approval in order to bring cheaper and new drugs to the healthcare market. Clinton’s proposal will also allow Medicare to negotiate on biologic and drug prices.

Clinton is determined to strengthen the ACA by encouraging states that have not expanded Medicaid to participate in the program. She has also asked other states to strengthen enrollment in the plans which are sold by HIEs. In addition to that, she has also recommended for a $40 billion increase in Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) for the next decade.

Clinton has also promised to start a research program to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. This program will be similar to the President’s National Cancer Moonshot Initiative. She has also confirmed that this initiative will continue as planned. Clinton has also proposed plans to improve the mental health care treatment given to patients.

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