Every new year is symbolic of a new chapter for your business. Setting goals provides a written road map for where you want to be at this time next year. What about your employees? Do you know what their goals are? Did they even set goals? It’s no secret that goal setting has significant scientific evidence backing its importance. It might feel like a waste of time, but your business can accomplish much more when your employees’ goals align with your overall business goals. 

According to Gary Vaynerchuk, it is the bosses who actually work for their employees. In one of his videos, he talks about the transition from CEO to Leader and how to get your employees on the same page. What drives you will not always be what drives your employees. Vaynerchuck suggests taking each employee out to dinner and ask them one simple question, “What do you want out of this job?” If what they are looking for is not feasible at the current moment, help them create a pathway to success. By working hand-in-hand with your employees directly, you will be able to work with them directly in the goal-setting process that will be mutually beneficial. 

When it comes to reviewing goals, there are some guidelines to follow. Sadly, too many people fail to revisit the goals before the next yearly review. Set up a timeline that works best for both of you, quarterly is the best way to keep up on any progress or lack thereof. If a goal is more challenging than originally anticipated, this is the chance to open the discussion on how to overcome the roadblock. It also gives each of you the opportunity to make sure the goal is still relevant to where the business is headed. There is no shame in changing goals as the year goes on, as we said above, the start of the new year is symbolic. Goals can be set and accomplished at any time of the year. 

The biggest hurdle of all is staying accountable for the goals that were set. You sat down with your employees and built goals together. You have your follow-up meetings on the calendar, and now it’s time to execute. Not every day can go exactly as planned and goals set can fall off the radar. Where does the blame fall when things do not get done? Have your employees pick accountability buddies to check in on each other’s goals. Goals can be overwhelming when you have to tackle them alone. Having someone there to help set up an action plan and use meetings as deadlines will keep the ball rolling on any project. 

Write down your goals and put them somewhere where you can see them every day. Collaborate with your employees and have your goals align. Every bump in the road will be easier to handle when everyone stays on track. 

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