Do you feel like your goals are the same year after year? There are obvious goals like growing your business, staying more organized, or anything that is health and fitness related. If it feels like you’re setting the same goals year after year, it is time to try a new approach. We have the tips and tricks to revamp your goals for the next decade.

Stuck In The Planning Phase?
You’ve followed the steps of SMART or FAST goals, but now what? The planning stage can be one of the most intimidating steps of the process. Take a look at your mission and put your goals in a context that aligns with them. Once your goal is set, split your team into small groups and work with them on setting goals to help achieve the overarching goal. Build out an office-wide communication plan and factor in any potential adjustments along the way. By giving everyone the opportunity to share updates with each other, there is no chance that goals will collect dust in a desk drawer until next year. You haven’t gotten to where you are on your own, why try to get where you want to be on your own.

Can’t Find the Time To Execute?
One of the easiest ways to free up time is with automation or extra hands. It is not just reserved for big businesses. Depending on where you spend the most time there are plenty of tools out there.
Organization – One of our personal favorites for staying organized on the creative side is Trello. The software uses fully customizable boards that allow you to track progress on all of your projects in one place. You are able to invite anyone to view and edit the boards as necessary. If digging through your email has become the biggest organizational problem, try SaneBox. Their AI will analyze your email, recognize what is important to you and keep it in your inbox, while any distractions are sent to a separate folder.
Productivity – Switching between emails, CRMs, website analytics and any other software you use can take up more time than you even notice. Zapier can pass all the information you need from app to app. With integration in over 1,500 different apps, there is a solution out there for you and keeps you focused on the most important aspects of running your business.
Marketing – Investing in a CRM is the best way to manage all of your marketing efforts. All of your contacts, marketing blasts, landing pages, and email templates in one robust place. One of the best CRMs out there is Hubspot. Their community of learning, Hubspot Academy and chrome extension puts it above the competition.
Offshoring – If you’re feeling overwhelmed with daily tasks, offshoring different tasks can assist in keeping you focused on the bigger picture items. Anything from virtual Assistants, 24/7 customer service options, video editing, and back-office work can all be taken off your plate.

Are Your Goals Stale?
Do you feel in a rut all around? It’s okay, it is easy to get swept up in the same goals every year. Take the challenge of a new decade and think outside the box this year with your goal setting.
Technology – upgraded the technology in the office is an investment, but if you’re wasting more time troubleshooting problems than it is actually worth, it is time for an upgrade. Printers, scanners, software all can be upgraded if they haven’t been in the last 5 years.
Research and Development – with Millennials as the largest group currently in the labor force, it might be time for new data and analytics about your target market. There is always the option to hire an outside consultant for this or take the reins yourself if you have the time
Improve Workplace Culture – Your business has a culture, whether you think about it on a daily basis or not. Positive cultures are linked to higher retention rates, employee engagement, and productivity. Work hard for the employees that work hard for you. Easy ways to get started are with company outings, bringing in coffee and doughnuts, or even handwritten acknowledgment letters to your staff on a job well done.

Wherever you are trying to take your business, the only sure way to do it is with a road map on how to get you there. We hope everyone has a successful 2020!

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