Setting goals that directly affect yourself are easy. You know how you think and what you want to achieve. Setting goals that make your customers happy can be a little more challenging. Put yourself in the mindset of your customers and really analyze what else you can do to make those relationships thrive. Utilize your entire team to get insight into what is important to your customers and how you can help them. 

We’ve touched on what goes into SMART goals in our January challenge (If you don’t know what we’re talking about, check out 4D Global on LinkedIn), but are your goals FAST? According to MIT Sloan Management Review, if the traditional method of goal setting has not had a history of success for you this could be the first step with a new method. FAST goals are designed with an entire team in mind, unlike SMART goals which are very focused on the individual. 

Image from MIT Sloan

When it comes to setting goals based on customer service it is important that goals should be frequently discussed and transparent. Every single one of your departments will have an impact on the customer experience, it is important that they all work under the same vision. 

Each department should have a specific tactic that will have a positive impact on customer experience. For example, if your goal is to reduce patient complaints, you could focus on transparent and thoughtful communication with patients. Helping patients understand their bill will reduce stress on the patient and subsequently stress on the provider. Provide itemized bills and written follow up for any question or concern from the patient. If the billing process is too confusing for the patient, they will be discouraged from visiting that doctor again and ultimately affect both yours and the providers’ bottom line. Your team can choose different tactics for each department where they can make the biggest impact. The overall goal will be less intimidating if everyone is working like a well-oiled machine.

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