Working from home has become the new normal in our lives, with video calls re-defining interpersonal interactions and our long commutes being replaced by a couple of steps from our bedroom to our home desk. 

We’ve grown used to it in no time. We’ve done what human beings have always been best at, adapting to change. However, in order to continue to grow and not just survive, we must keep our motivation level high, so here are a few tips worth considering.  

Meaningful work

When was the last time you asked yourself what your why is? 

It is evident we are all different people, with different needs that change based on our condition, and we are all driven by different reasons. What is less self-evident is how few people seek to understand what drives them and how this finding may change their lives.   

In order to ensure you’re properly engaged in your area of work, try to compare your why with that of your company and see how well they marry each other. It may not be that obvious at first, so allow enough time for the true meaning to sink in. 

This will give you a clear picture of the end result of your activity and, in the case, it does match your interests, a huge boost in your productivity.

Feed your body and your spirit

Dale Carnegie could not have been more correct when saying that self-expression is the dominant necessity of human nature

We need to express ourselves in ways that address both our physical and spiritual entities, in order to continue to thrive on all levels, from work commitments to our personal lives. 

The language of expression we choose to use can be anything as long as it gives us that blissful moment of relaxation. It can be a bike ride along the river, re-watching our favorite movie, or reading a few chapters from a book, it can be playing Legos with our kids or strumming the strings of a guitar. 

Regardless of your choice, remember to pay attention to the basic needs of your being so that you can engage with the work and personal struggles on a new level every day. 

Double-check your recognition meter

Charles Schwab, the pioneer of discount securities, used to say that being hearty in your approbation and lavish in your praise is one of the surest ways to get results where criticism fails. People respond in an extraordinary fashion to praise and are often likely to go above and beyond to achieve something.

As such, take a step back and try to understand what recognition means to you. Are your efforts noticed and approved by the people you work with? Do you get that kick out of completing a task and does your heart race when you look at the impact of your work? 

Have this sincere conversation with yourself and with your employees in order to recognize how you can boost each other’s engagement level. Actually understanding the extent to which recognition is rewarding is one of the keys to keep yourself motivated and achieve more. 

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